Congratulations on your admission to Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC). We look forward to welcoming you to the International Student Program (ISP), where we assist F-1 students from many different countries. You will love the beautiful campus, diverse student population, and excellent academic standards at SRJC. We know that you will have a great experience here, and we look forward to meeting you soon! Please complete the following items below BEFORE classes begin. If you have any questions, please contact us.

1) Accept your Admissions Offer

To accept your offer of admission, please submit the Student Enrollment Reservation (SER). This step will clear the admissions hold on your account so that you can register for classes. The deadline to submit your SER is two weeks before classes begin. 

Already Submitted? If you have already submitted the SER, you can login to your Student Portal and look under "SRJC Electronic Forms" to see if it has been approved.

Submit Now

2) Make Housing Arrangements

International students receive priority for on-campus housing and can apply for Fall 2024 starting on March 1st. Call (707) 535-3778 or email if you have any questions. You must be 18 or older to live on-campus.

On-Campus Housing

If you do not wish to live on-campus, you are responsible for finding off-campus housing. Please review our Housing Guide for some helpful resources. It is highly recommended that students under 18 live with a host family. We work with a local company called International Student Placements to arrange homestays at an affordable price with many benefits. Alternately, students may choose to find roommates and rent an apartment/house together. We recommend that you use the International Club Facebook Group to find roommates.

Off-Campus Housing

3) Obtain The F-1 Student Visa

International students at SRJC must have a valid F-1 Student Visa to be able to study in the U.S. Once you receive admission to SRJC you may begin the process to apply for your visa: 

  1. Pay the $350 I-901 SEVIS Fee using your SRJC Form I-20 (see FAQs). Be sure to save the receipt for your visa interview!
  2. Submit a Form DS-160 and pay the $185 application fee (see instructions and FAQs). Be sure to print the application confirmation page for your visa interview!
  3. Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy to schedule your visa interview (see wait times). 
  4. Practice, practice, practice!
  5. Attend your visa interview at the Embassy. 

Already have an F-1 visa? You can provide your admissions email to your current school and request a transfer of your SEVIS record to School Code SFR214F00618000. After the release date, you will receive an updated Form I-20 for your Program of Study at SRJC. Please notify us if you plan to travel internationally between programs. 

Changing your status? We recommend working with an immigration lawyer to apply for a Change of Status with USCIS. Using your Form I-20, you must pay the I-901 fee then submit the I-539 application online and pay the $420 Filing Fee. You must upload copies of your Form I-20, your most recent I-94 record, and evidence of financial support.

More Information

4) Complete Online Orientation

New and returning F-1 students must complete the ISP Online Orientation course in Canvas before classes start. This course will teach you how to register for classes, where to buy textbooks, how to use your health insurance, the F-1 visa requirements, and everything else you need to be successful at SRJC. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to review the course material and complete the required assignments and quizzes.

The course is self-paced and you may complete it online from any location. A hold will be placed on your account you do not complete ISP Orientation by the deadline. 

Fall 2024 Orientation Link   More Information

5) Register For Classes

It is highly recommended that you complete the Academic Orientation and the English/Math Guided Self-Placement activities before meeting with your Counselor to create an Education Plan and get help with registration. You can contact the Counseling Department to make an appointment with any Counselor, or email Chris Grant or Amanda Mansfield (international student counselors) directly for assistance. Be sure to provide your SRJC ID number and to identify yourself as an international student.

SRJC students get to register for classes in order of priority! Login to your Student Portal to check your priority registration date. International students get Priority 2 status after completing the Academic Orientation and creating an Education Plan.

Once you have an Education Plan, you can watch these videos for the step-by-step registration process: 

  1. Navigating the SRJC Schedule of Classes
  2. Using the Registration Portal

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for important dates and review the Visa Rules & Regulations.

6) Pay Your Tuition and Fees

Choosing to begin your studies at a community college is one of the best financial decisions you could make as an international student! Among numerous benefits, our tuition fees are fare more affordable than most public and private four-year universities.

When you register for classes your SRJC tuition is posted to your account. Fees will vary depending on how many units you take, but payment must be made before you will be allowed to register for subsequent semesters. The F-1 Health Insurance fee must be paid before classes start, or a hold will be placed on your account. More information about tuition/fees, estimated expenses, payment methods, deadlines and payment plans can be found on our website

More Information

Connect with an ISP Mentor!

If you still have questions, our ISP Mentors are ready to help! These are current students who can help you navigate the social, academic, and cultural life at SRJC and the United States. They know a lot about the college and Santa Rosa. Want to know where to find the best food? What to do for fun? Which apartments are the nicest? You can ask them anything - they are waiting to hear from you!

Profile Picture of Alyza Ong

Alyza Ong

Country: Cambodia

Major: Business Administration

Class Standing: 3rd semester

Hobbies/Interests: I like to go to the gym. I like studying on the 2nd floor at the Doyle library. I love organizing and making sure everything looks nice. I am friendly and nice (introverted). I like playing tennis but don't have time to play much nowadays. I love food. I love taking pictures and videos because I love editing videos.


Profile Picture of Domingo Calleja

Domingo Calleja

Country: Chile

Major: Business Administration

Class Standing: 4th semester

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, volunteering, and crossfit.

"We are family and as a family we give support each others. Welcome to the SRJC international student program! We cannot wait to hear from what countries you came from and sharing all your culture experiences with us!"


Profile Picture of Genevieve Mongella

Genevieve Mongella

Country: Tanzania

Major: Nursing

Class Standing: 2nd semester

Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, music, designing and photography.


Profile Picture of Youzhang Li

Youzhang Li

Country: China

Major: Art

Class Standing: 5th semester

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, Swimming, Oil Painting, Badminton


Helpful Videos

Check out these useful videos of what do do before you leave your home country and after you arrive in the U.S. 

Before You Leave

After You Arrive