Transportation to and from campus

There are three public transportation options in Sonoma County: Santa Rosa City Bus, Sonoma County Transit, and SMART Train. SRJC students ride Sonoma County public transportation for FREE

Visit SRJC Student Resources for more details. 

Public Transportation

Sonoma County has a great public transportation system as long as you find an apartment along one of the major routes. Planning your route is easy by using the plan a trip tool. Click on TRIP PLANNER found on the left hand side of the page. Enter your current location and destination location. You will be directed to your stop location, transfers (if any) and approximate transportation time. You can even take your bike on the bus or train which will make it easier and faster to commute.

  • Santa Rosa City Bus - This is FREE to all college students, as long as you show your SRJC identification card! You will use this bus system to go throughout the city of Santa Rosa.
  • Sonoma County Transit - This is FREE to all college students as long, as you show your SRJC identification card! You will use this bus system to go between the outlying areas of Sonoma County and Santa Rosa.
  • SMART Train - Get off at the Santa Rosa Downtown station and walk or cycle to campus (2 miles / 3.21km).

Sonoma County is bike friendly. Bike paths can be found throughout the various cities. You should plan to wear a helmet when biking and always lock your bike when you arrive at your destination.

No permit is required to park a bike on campus. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks located in various locations on campus. Any bicycle parked in a hazardous manner or chained to a ramp, pole, tree, etc., may be impounded by the District Police. Bicycles are NOT allowed anywhere inside buildings by order of the Fire Department.

Bicycles can be taken on the SMART Train and buses but must be WALKED on pedestrian pathways for the safety of rider and pedestrians. Bicycle riding is allowed only on roadways and parking lots.

Private vehicle

Students who intend to park a vehicle on the Santa Rosa Junior College properties must obtain a valid SRJC parking permit. Parking permits must be purchased at the Accounting office in Bailey Hall. Parking permits are designed to be hung from the rear-view mirror and must be displayed in vehicles by the first day of each semester. Parking permits cost approximately $60.00 per term.