ISP Mentors

New Students

Do you want to know where to find the best Chinese food? What about the cheapest places to shop for groceries? Or fun places to go off-campus? As a New Student, you can contact any of our ISP Mentors for additional help and support! Our mentors are continuing students at SRJC and have acquired much knowledge about the local area and our institution.

Contact one of the Current ISP Mentors below to connect!

Continuing Students

Remember what it was like to be a new student? You can be the person you needed when you first came to the U.S.! As an ISP Mentor, your profile will be shared below and new students will be encouraged to connect with you. To be eligible, you must be a continuing ISP student at SRJC and enrolled full-time. Being a mentor is great volunteer leadership experience for your résumé, and you will expand your global friendship network. 

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Current ISP Mentors

ISP Mentors are current international students at SRJC who want to help first-year international students navigate the social, academic, and cultural life at SRJC and the United States. If you are a new international student at SRJC in Spring 2023, you may contact any of the following students for additional help and support. These students have already been here for a while and know a lot about the city of Santa Rosa and the JC. Ask them anything!

Profile Picture of Youzhang Li

Youzhang Li

Country: China

Major: Art (AA)

Class Standing: 5th semester

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming, Swimming, Oil Painting, Badminton


Profile Picture of Alyza Ong

Alyza Ong

Country: Cambodia

Major: Business Administration (AS-T)

Class Standing: 3rd semester

Hobbies/Interests: I like to go to the gym. I like studying on the 2nd floor at the Doyle library. I love organizing and making sure everything looks nice. I am friendly and nice (introverted). I like playing tennis but don't have time to play much nowadays. I love food. I love taking pictures and videos because I love editing videos.


Profile Picture of Domingo Calleja

Domingo Calleja

Country: Chile

Major: Business Administration (AS-T)

Class Standing: 4th semester

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, volunteering, and crossfit.

"We are family and as a family we give support each others. Welcome to the SRJC international student program! We cannot wait to hear from what countries you came from and sharing all your culture experiences with us!"


Profile Picture of Genevieve Mongella

Genevieve Mongella

Country: Tanzania

Major: Nursing (AS)

Class Standing: 2nd semester

Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, music, designing and photography.