Zoom Appointments

Mondays: 10am-12pm

Tuesdays-Thursdays: 8am-12pm

You can sign-up for a 30-minute Zoom appointment with the International Student Advisor. Please join the Waiting Room until the advisor admits you into the meeting.

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In-Person Appointments

Tuesdays-Thursdays: 1pm-5pm

Make an appointment to see the International Student Advisor, located in Plover Hall at the Admissions & Records counter Window #5. 

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Advising Versus Counseling

As an SRJC student, you have access to many Student Services and qualified staff who are eager to assist you! The Counseling Department can help students with questions about SRJC's academic programs and requirements. The International Student Program can answer questions about admissions and visas, and support international students with all other aspects of adjusting to life at SRJC. For some questions, you may be referred to another department for assistance; i.e. the International Student Advisor cannot assist you with academic planning, and your Counselor cannot answer questions about your nonimmigrant visa status. All of our staff are friendly and always happy to help connect you to the right place!

So, when should you meet with a Counselor, and when should you meet with the International Student Advisor? See below.

ISP Advising

Meet with the International Student Advisor if you need help with any of the following :

  • Admission to SRJC
  • Attaining/maintaining F-1 status
  • Employment authorization
  • Enrollment verification
  • Health insurance 
  • Nonresident taxes
  • Change/adjustment of status and/or residency reclassification
  • Navigating life in the U.S. (housing, banking, driving, etc.)

Already know what you need? Submit the required electronic request form online! You can also email Becky Petrow directly for assistance. 


Meet with your Counselor if you need help with any of the following:

  • Choosing a program of study 
  • Creating an Education Plan
  • Understanding your priority status
  • Using the SRJC Scheduler
  • Registering for classes
  • Changing your major
  • Academic probation/disqualification
  • Transfer planning/questions

Call or make an appointment now! Have your SRJC ID number ready, and be sure to identify yourself as an international student. You can also email Chris Grant or Amanda Mansfield directly for assistance. 

ISP Staff Group Photo
ISP Staff (left to right): Michelle Booher-Poggi, Amanda Mansfield, Tina Lowe, Chris Grant, Teresa Tope, Becky Petrow