COVID-19 Updates for F-1 Students

SRJC will continue operating remotely in Fall 2021 with an increase of in-person classes. Please see international student FAQs about the coronavirus. The International Student Program is offering Online Advising Services



SCHOLARSHIPS Two students holding certificates

SRJC is proud to offer a number of partial scholarships for international students. Since F-1 visa holders are not eligible for state or federal financial aid through FAFSA, we encourage all international students to apply for scholarships.

Read below for more information and contact the Scholarship Office with any questions. ISP provides a Scholarship Workshop for international students each February (see Zoom recording). You can also check the Online Bulletin Board to see when scholarship applications are being accepted. The application process is competitive, and awards are available in amounts ranging from $425 to $1,000 each semester. Students can login to to see their scholarship awards.


Starting in Fall 2021, international students may apply for Doyle Scholarships. This is a great benefit for F-1 visa students and we are excited to share this news with you! Visit the Doyle Scholarship Program website for more information. Contact the Scholarship Office if you have any questions. 

New and continuing students can Apply on AwardSpring between August 23rd and October 1st for Fall 2021:

  • ISP students must maintain full-time enrollment of 12 units
  • You must complete Orientation (COUN 270 preferred)
  • You must have an Education Plan developed with a Counselor

**Prorated amounts for the academic year:

Enrolled Units Award Amount
12-14.99 $1,200
15+ $1,700


The SRJC Black Student Union and the SRJC Foundation are pleased to announce the creation of a new scholarship to support Black SRJC students – the Sawubona Black Student ScholarshipSawubona is a Swahili word meaning 'I see you, you are important to me, and I value you.' Students may apply for this scholarship through the Foundation Application on AwardSpring


The SRJC Foundation is a nonprofit entity focused on community fundraising to support students and educational programs at SRJC. Local groups and individuals will endow funds to SRJC for various reasons, often to support students who meet criteria that the donors identify with or are passionate about. ISP is very fortunate to assist in the awarding of several endowments specifically to support international students at SRJC. These scholarships are competitive and are awarded to students based on financial need, academic achievements, community service/leadership, and a personal essay.

With ONE application, students may be considered for HUNDREDS of scholarships. The Foundation Application can be found by logging into AwardSpring and is typically due by March 1st for the Fall semester and October 1st for the Spring semester. Watch this video for a brief tour of the online application. Scholarship awards are based on grade performance (GPA) and financial need. While new students are encouraged to apply, most scholarships require 12 or more units completed, and an SRJC GPA of 2.0 or higher. Applications and are reviewed anonymously.

International Student Scholarship Donors
  • Margaret B Trussel Memorial Scholarships - $1,000 Margaret Trussell (d. 1996) was a former instructor and Dean of Women at SRJC. Her contributions to SRJC as an instructor, Dean of Women, and philanthropist significantly affected the course of the institution. Margaret graduated from Santa Rosa High School in 1914 and graduated from Berkeley in 1923 with a master’s degree is psychobiology. Margaret taught at Santa Rosa High School and later joined SRJC’s staff in 1944.  Margaret taught child psychology, served as Dean of Women, and was instrumental in organizing the college’s child care programs and nursing training programs before retiring in 1963. In the late 1980s, Margaret and her husband established two scholarships through the SRJC Foundation. At the time of their first bequest, Rhodes Trussell said, “we believe that the greatest benefit for our community, state, and nation is constant and available educational opportunity for all of our citizens.”

  • JUDSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - $550 Laurie D Judson (1925-2006) was a woman who recognized few of the boundaries most conventional people assume. Social class did not exist for her. Race was a notion she ignored. Faith, for Laurie, was defined by polite and thoughtful activism and giving to whatever community she found herself in. She shared this eclectic philosophy and approach to life in many ways with many people.  There were three primary points where she focused this philosophy and supported it with courage and boundless energy: basic justice, international understanding, and education. Education for Laurie had very little to do with exams or majors or grade point averages. It had to do with students, particularly international students new to a strange and not always hospitable land. She gave them shelter, she gave them English lessons, she gave them transportation to legal proceedings where she was always their tireless advocate, she held their hands in times of crisis, she found them jobs and books and the odd second-hand sofa. She challenged all who would question them for outward differences, whether that difference be an Islamic headscarf, a funny accent, or a lifestyle at odds with convention. She also gave hundreds of students love and friendship. What was important was that young people on the perilous road of life knew they had an ally. Many students returned her love, and joined Laurie on her journey through life. Laurie believed that the world is one, that humankind really is, as she liked to say, “the family of man.”  The Laurie D. Judson Scholarship was established to support, encourage, and nurture this vision

  • ALEX LING MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - $475 The Alex Ling Memorial Scholarship for International Students was established by the Trussell Family in honor of Alex Ling who was an international student. Margaret Trussell was the dean of women at SRJC in the 1960s and the family sponsored Alex and his brothers from Hong Kong to come to SRJC to study. All five of the brothers continued on to Cal Berkeley and graduated in different majors in the sciences. In honor of Alex, a scholarship is sponsored by the Trussell family specifically for an international student.

  • AVA AND SAM GUERRERA INTERNATIONAL STUDY SCHOLARSHIPS Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Ava Guerrera have donated funds to the International Student Program to do what the office believes would be of most benefit to our international students. The Guerreras have traveled extensively and their foreign travel has contributed so much to their lives. It has broadened their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and, thereby, significantly enriched their lives. So, they wanted to share this experience with students who are unable to avail themselves of this opportunity because of a lack of funds. The ISP team decided to offer scholarships to the international students.


Study California - $1,000 As a member of Study California, SRJC students are eligible and encouraged to apply for their $1,000 scholarship in October. In fact, an SRJC student from Togo won the award in 2020! Check out the StudyCalifornia website for more information.

You can also use the following Search Engines for help finding scholarships: