Photo of Tina Lowe
Administrative Assistant II

I joined the International Student Program in December, 2017 as an Administrative Assistant.  I never imagined that I would work for an institution that coincided with my passion for travel.  As a teenager in Detroit, it was something that I often dreamed about.

For my 30th birthday, I took a month-long vacation and traveled through Europe.  The food, culture, architecture, and of course the people, it was a wonderful and exciting experience…I was hooked!  My journeys have taken me through Italy, Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, China, and Thailand.  Not to mention practically every state in the USA.  Vietnam, Cambodia, and Morocco are next on my bucket list.

Meeting, working, and assisting the students in ISP is what makes my job enjoyable.  Stop by the office to introduce yourself or stop by just to say hello.  I look forward to seeing you!