Photo of Beatriz Camargo
Director, Student Outreach, Onboarding & International Student Program

Beatriz is a proud SRJC Alumni, a Migrant Education student, and graduate of Elsie Allen High School.  As an SRJC student she had the honor to participate in programs that supported her educational achievement such as Puente, MESA and EOPS.  She has worked for 20+ years at Santa Rosa Junior College in various capacities and departments that include, Puente, MESA, Community Education, Assessment and Matriculation and most currently as the Coordinator for the High School Equivalency Program (HEP), a federally-funded program which assists migrant farmworkers and their families in obtaining a high school equivalency certificate and continuing on to post-secondary education.  Beatriz accepted the role of Director, Student Outreach, Onboarding & International Student Program with excitement to continue the great partnerships and connections established by former director, Michelle Booher-Poggi.  As the daughter of immigrant farm workers who rebuilt their lives from scratch in the U.S., Beatriz Camargo is a fervent advocate for college education and intimately knows the obstacles of underserved communities. Her commitment to student support, onboarding, inclusion and retention go beyond SRJC grounds and expand into the broader diverse communities found within our surrounding areas.  Her mission is to keep our communities connected to the great programs and opportunities that SRJC has to offer!