International Education Week. November 14 through 18, 2022. Engaged, Resilient, Global. Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University.


International Education Week 2022

International Education Week (IEW) is coming this November 14-18 to SRJC! IEW is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide, and to develop a broader understanding of different cultural perspectives. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education, IEW is observed across the country and around the world each November.

SRJC's participation in IEW is part of the national effort to prepare American students for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the U.S. This fall, SRJC and Sonoma State University are once again collaborating to offer expanded IEW programming for both campus communities! Some events will be offered in-person while others will be via Zoom.

All events are FREE and OPEN to the SRJC and SSU community! 

Instructors can claim FF (Forever Flex) 30: Discipline or Program Discussions can be claimed to earn this credit.

Please review a full schedule of events below and check this webpage frequently for updates. You can also view the event flyer

If you are interested in attending or helping out with any of these events, please complete our webform:

IEW Participation Form

Monday 11/14

  • IEW Kickoff

    Join us for a live premiere of our IEW Kickoff Video! What is IEW? What international programs and services do we offer? What events are happening throughout the week? We will answer these and other burning questions!

    12pm Video Premiere

    Zoom Recording

  • Master Dance/Drumming Class with African Diaspora Artist

    Come Join Us to celebrate the Wonder and Beauty of West African dance, our Dance Master Tyehimba Kokayi has studied from some of the Best West African Dancers and Drummers from Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and more!


    Tauzer 951

Tuesday 11/15

  • Language Bites

    Join us for a "taste" of other languages like French, Mandarin-Chinese, and Khmer. Meet international students who will share their native language in Zoom breakout rooms. 


    Zoom Link

Wednesday 11/16

Thursday 11/17

  • Life in Germany

    A presentation about geography, political structure, education and transportation systems, and the way of life in Germany. A report of the first-hand experience of Laurin Ritter, visiting Semester at Sonoma student from Germany.


    Zoom Link

    In-person at SSU in IH 107

  • International Faculty & Staff Reception

    Join us for our 1st annual IEW Reception for international faculty and staff! Come and meet your international colleagues while enjoying delicious food and drink accompanied by special cultural performances and guest speakers. Wine donated by SSU's School of Business and Economics.


    Bertolini Student Activities Center

Friday 11/18

  • Study Abroad Presentation

    Come learn about the various opportunities to Study Abroad including Barcelona in Fall 2023 and many programs through SSU for transfer students.


    Zoom Recording

  • IEW Friendsgiving

    The SRJC International Club is planning a "Friendsgiving" dinner field trip. Food and transportation provided. You can also bring your favorite traditional dish to share!


    Sebastopol, CA

Weeklong Events

Past Schedules

IEW 2021
International Education Week, November 15 through 19, 2021. Connect globally, engage locally. Logos.

International Education Week (IEW) is happening November 15-19, 2021. Join SRJC and SSU for a national week celebrating the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education.

This year, SRJC and Sonoma State University are collaborating to offer expanded, virtual IEW programming for both campus communities- all events are open to everyoneThe schedule of events is listed below and will be updated frequently as IEW approaches. View PDF schedule (please email us for an accessible version).

Check this page frequently for more details, coming soon!

Monday, November 15


Join us for the premiere of our International Education Week promo video, featuring SRJC and SSU students, faculty and staff. Explore our programs and learn how international education can benefit your life!

Zoom Recording

Tuesday, November 16

Language Bites
Language Bites, Chinese: Jiayi Zhu,  German: Diana Vazquez, Mwaghavul: Kwoopnan Dakwakas, Japanese: Naoki Hashimoto, Spanish: Blanca Elena Farfan Solorio


Ever wondered what konichiwa means? What about feliz cumpleaños? Join us for a taste of some foreign languages like Japanese, Spanish and German. Meet international students who will share their native language in Zoom breakout rooms. 

Zoom Recording

SRJC Study Abroad Presentation
Riverscape in Ireland


Presented by:
Kerry Loewen, Dean of Arts & Humanities at SRJC
Jacqueline McGhee, English Faculty at SRJC

Learn about the opportunities to study abroad in 2022: Summer in Ireland, Fall in London.

Zoom Recording

Wednesday, November 17

Education USA Sub-Saharan Africa Virtual Fair
Education USA


Prospective international students can visit up to 60 U.S. colleges and universities, including SRJC and SSU, at the Education USA Sub-Saharan Africa Virtual Fair.

*This event is not approved for flex credit.


What does it mean to be German?
German Flag


Presented by:
Yasemin Schünemann, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at SSU
Gamze Can, CSU IP student & German Peer Language Facilitator at SSU
Lydia Bobb, exchange student & German Peer Language Facilitator at SSU

Three visiting students from Germany will interview SSU students and collect their responses to the question what it means to be German. They will record these responses in a brief video. These videotaped responses will be followed by a conversation where the German students respond to questions from SSU students. This cross-cultural interview will provide insights into their experiences growing up in Germany as Germans with multi-ethnic backgrounds, inviting participants to make connections to their own cultures and upbringing.

Zoom Link

Passcode: fb+E8tf1

SSU Study Abroad Fair
Camera and passport on top of a map


Thinking of transferring to Sonoma State?! Check out all the Study Away opportunities you will have as a Seawolf! You can even use your Financial Aid and apply to Study Away for your first semester as an SSU student!

Event Link

Password: SSUgoglobalfair

Thursday, November 18

Dance Workshop
Inscription Link Available! FREE DANCE WORKSHOP by GRACY on ZOOM


Presented by Grace Ballou, SRJC student from Cote d'Ivoire
Check out her Instagram for inspiration!

Zoom Recording

WACSC November Speaker Series

Women carrying buckets


What do Zambia and the United States Have in Common? Both Can Be Dangerous Places to Give Birth!

Presented by: Austin Meyer

The program begins with a short film, “With Grace,” that tells the moving story of 34-year-old Grace as she sets out to deliver her baby in rural Zambia, a country with one of the highest  infant mortality rates in the world. The film offers a moving glimpse into the difficulties of  childbirth that millions of women and girls face around the world. After the viewing, filmmaker Austin Meyer will share his experience in making the film and the  lessons it might hold for us.

*This event is not approved for flex credit.




This event has been cancelled.

Check out the 2019 Fashion Show



This event has been cancelled.

Friday, November 19

The integration of Turkish guest workers in Germany


Presented by Yasemin Schünemann, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at SSU

SSU's Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Yasemin Schünemann discusses the German guest worker program from the 60s that majorly shaped Germany's society until now. The presentation gives insight into the historical and economic impacts on welcoming foreign workers who did not only help to build the German economy but who decided to stay in Germany, too. As first-hand impressions, two Turkish immigrants answer questions about their migration journey and the question of feeling at home.

Zoom Recording

Passcode: NU73V#!v

Zoom Information

All IEW events will be hosted virtually on Zoom, so please ensure your account is updated to the latest version prior to attending: Instructions Here

Flex Credit

Instructors can now request FLEX credit for participating in IEW events! After attending, login to your Faculty Portal to submit your flex verification: 1) Select “Instructor Flex” for the current semester, 2) At the bottom of that page, select “Flex Verification Form,” 3) Under “select flex activity type” click "Menu of Activities,” 4) Look for "44:A” for International Education Week. Faculty and members of the IEW committee may enter up to 9 hours!

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped make this week possible. 


Grace Ballou, Lydia Bobb, Gamze Can, Casandra Hillman, Kerry Loewen, Jacqueline McGhee, Yasemin Schünemann

IEW Planning Committee:

Michaela Grobbel, Flannery Norton, Katie O'Brien, Hope Ortiz, Araceli Osorio, Becky Petrow

We'd also like to thank the SRJC Public Relations department and the SSU Office of the President for their special contributions to our promotional video. 



Thank you for your support!