Fees & Expenses


Estimated Expenses. You must provide evidence of financial support for the first year of study. Santa Rosa Junior College estimates you will need a minimum of $26,500 USD for the first year. If you have friends or family in our community who will provide you with free room and board, documentation of only $13,000.00 is required. This estimate is based on an Academic year (2 semesters), and does not include living expenses during the summer. Students who share apartments with roommates will have lower living expenses.


Estimated Student Expenses for Academic Year

SRJC Tuition Fees: based on 24 units per year @ $347 per unit + mandatory fees

(Tuition and fees are subject to change)


Living Expenses (housing/room and board)


Books & Supplies


Miscellaneous costs: transportation, personal expenses, clothing


Mandatory Health Insurance


Total Expenses


The tuition amount is based on a minimum of 12 college units per semester required for students to remain in legal F-1 Visa status. Many students typically enroll in more than 12 units. Actual tuition expenses may be slightly higher.