Tue, 4/18/2023 - 9:44am

Since its inception in 1971, the SRJC Sports Medicine Program has offered a broad spectrum of injury management for student-athletes and an academic experience for sports medicine students.

Photo of Haruna MatsuokaCoursework, coupled with hands-on experience in the athletic training clinic, provide students with an educational arena in which to prosper academically; the program also affords ample opportunities for learning in the areas of injury management, such as prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and athletic training clinic protocol.

Our program is not only for those aspiring to transfer and become certified athletic trainers. Students interested in coaching, physical therapy, personal training, kinesiology, physical education, nursing, pre-med, and beyond, are encouraged to participate in our program. The hands-on experience is invaluable for those hoping to get involved in the fields of healthcare or athletics.

Haruna Matsuoka, SRJC international student from Japan, described her experience in this way, “I chose SRJC sports medicine because of my athletic experience. I used to be a cross-country skier for 10 years from 3rd grade through my senior year of high school. However, after suffering from many injuries, I asked myself, “Why do sports have to be accompanied by injuries?" I chose SRJC's Sports Medicine program because I wanted to help the next generation of athletes to have fewer injuries and enjoy sports more. I also wanted to learn more about the profession of a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), which is a profession that specializes in sports. If you like sports or are interested in being an athletic trainer or in sports-specific medicine, I encourage you to check out Santa Rosa Junior College!”