Alumni Success Story

Mon, 03/05/2018 - 11:58am

SRJC alumnus Abdul Razak leading a workshop for women farmers in Northwest Ghana.Northwest Ghana - Abdul Razak completed training in agricultural science from Santa Rosa Junior College. Razak is now applying what he learned at SRJC to help educate farmers in his native country of Ghana become food secure and improve their lives. 

In particular, he’s educating women farmers in the Upper West Region, where the army worm is a threat to crops. Razak has developed and implemented workshops on how to identify, remove, and avoid the army worm. He gives demonstrations about how to prevent food spoilage through proper storage. At his workshops, he also demonstrates planting in rows, what the soil should feel like, and how far apart to space the seeds.

The farmers who have gone through his training are noticing an increase on their yield. So now, instead of barely growing enough food to feed their families, they have surplus and can sell at the market. They use this extra income to improve their homes and pay school fees for their children. 

Although Razak is not paid for his work, and he is unemployed as jobs are scarce in the region, Razak has resolved to stay and work hard to help bring his people up.

For more information on Abdul Razak's work, please visit his blog Community Development Initiative Program.


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