Frequently Asked Questions

questions, faq, santa rosa junior college, california, college, international, international studentsHere, you will find answers to the questions most commonly asked by international students. For specific questions not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly staff at ISP, as we are happy to help! See our staff page to direct your question to the appropriate staff member.


How soon will I receive an answer from Santa Rosa Junior College about my application?

You should receive an answer from us within two weeks of submitting your completed application. When we receive your documents, we will review your file and inform you about any missing information. We may contact you if we have questions. When your file is complete, will issue the SEVIS I–20 Certificate of Eligibility to you.

How do I get the visa for the U.S.?

You apply for the student visa at an American Embassy or consulate in your country. You need a valid passport to apply for the visa. Read our instructions on Obtaining a Visa for Study in the US.

How early can I enter the U.S. before school starts?

You can enter the U.S. 30 days before the “report date” listed on the I–20 form.

How much will it cost to study at Santa Rosa Junior College?

Applicants must show documentation of funding for at least the first year of study. Currently this amount is $26,500.00, or $13,000.00 if someone in our local area is providing you with free room and board.

Do I need to take the TOEFL test to be accepted at SRJC?

Yes, TOEFL test results are required for both our academic and ESL programs.

Do I have to have a major? What if I change my mind?

You must choose a major field of study to be accepted to Santa Rosa Junior College. The American embassy or consulate expect you to have a clear academic goal before they will issue a student visa.

How do I choose my classes?

An academic counselor will help you choose the classes that you need to begin and explain the registration process to you. You can meet with your counselor any time you have questions.

How many classes do I need to take?

International students are required to be full time and enroll in at least 12 units per semester, which is 3 to 4 classes. There are two academic semesters per school year.

Can international students work?

International students are allowed to work on campus up to 20 hours per week during the school session. Off campus work is not permitted during the first year of study. After the first year, off campus work directly related to your major is possible if certain requirements are met.