Why Study at SRJC?

Known for it's quality education and ideal location in California's scenic Sonoma County, Santa Rosa Junior College is one of the nation’s premier two-year colleges.


Quality Location and ReputationStudents walking on Santa Rosa Junior College campus

Santa Rosa Junior College is a two–year community college located in Sonoma County, California. Founded in 1918, SRJC is regarded as one of the nation’s premier two–year colleges, offering university level courses. We are known for our academic excellence, superb faculty, comprehensive student services, and excellent facilities.

Sonoma County lies just 60 minutes north of San Francisco in the heart of California’s beautiful wine country. Grapes, fruit, farms, fishing, and wine production make this area one of the country’s top tourist destinations, attracting over 7 million visitors per year. There are more than 256 days of blue skies and sunshine per year in Santa Rosa and the college’s location is widely considered to be one of the best in the entire United States.

Educational costs chart 

  • Chart represents the approximate educational costs for international students for one year.
  • UC refers to University of California schools such as UC Berkeley or UC Davis.
  • CSU refers to California State University schools such as San Francisco State or Sonoma State.
  • SRJC refers to Santa Rosa Junior College.


Academic Excellence

SRJC International Student Program graduates

Students can earn an Associate Degree in two to three years and complete requirements for transfer to universities such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Stanford University and UC Los Angeles to complete a bachelor’s degree. There are over 100 majors from which to choose. Some popular majors are business, health sciences, computer sciences, culinary arts, and wine studies.


Educational Value

SRJC offers lower tuition costs than universities. Students can complete the first two years of a bachelor degree program at SRJC at a lower cost and then transfer to a university for the last two years to complete the bachelor degree requirements. In addition, English language courses are available. SRJC has transfer agreements with UC and CSU systems and a Transfer Center to help students prepare for a smooth transition from SRJC to the university system.


Available Scholarships

The SRJC Foundation provides scholarships to our students (both local and non–resident). International students who have completed 12 semester units at the college may apply for a variety of scholarships.