Renting a Room

Bedroom. Santa Rosa Junior College International Student Program. Photo by Sylwia Pietruszka on Unsplash.

Tips on renting a room in a private home

Renting a room in a private household is another option for students.  In most cases, these are private rooms, sometimes furnished, offered with a month-to-month rental agreement. SRJC has information on its website under Off Campus Housing Search where local families post rooms they have for rent.

If you’re considering renting a room in a private home, it’s important to establish up front what your rights and responsibilities are. 

It is strongly recommended that you draw up a set of House Rules regarding issues such as overnight guests, quiet hours and use of common spaces. A written agreement that specifies expected contributions toward utility bills is also a very good idea. In some rented homes, you will add your name to the rental agreement and take on the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else named as tenants on the agreement. In other cases, you may have restricted rights to the kitchen, laundry facilities and common areas.

When interviewing for a room in a private home, try to get a sense of the household’s dynamics and consider whether or not you would fit into the daily living patterns.