Finding Roommates

Roommates going out to San Francisco Ghirardelli Square. Santa Rosa Junior College International Student Program

Finding Roommates

The person or persons with whom you choose to live will play a major role in your college experience. Often, when people search for roommates, they say, “I could live with anyone.” That, in fact, is rarely true. It’s important to set aside time to talk with prospective roommates before you make commitments. Take your time and don’t compromise on what is important to you.

Discussion topics
  • How much can each of you afford to pay for an apartment? Don’t forget to include the cost of monthly utilities (water, garbage, internet, tv, and so on) in this amount.
  • How will deposits and monthly joint bills be paid? These include security deposits, internet, cable television, gas, water and electric bills. You will need to determine how to split these bills.
  • How will you handle the general cleaning responsibilities? It is important to agree upon who will clean what and how often. Also discuss what “clean” means to each of you to make sure your expectations are in agreement.
  • How do you feel about overnight guests? Consider both the dating type of guest and the friend type of guest.
  • Do you like to cook? Do you prefer to eat together or separately? Do you want to share food expenses or shop separately?
  • How much privacy do you need? Do you need a private bedroom?
  • What are your study habits? Do you need a totally quiet environment when you study or is background noise/activity fine with you?
  • What are each of your habits and feelings toward smoking, drug and alcohol use, music and pets?
  • What are your sleeping habits? Do you like to go to bed early or stay up late? Do you desire a quiet apartment when you are sleeping? This topic is particularly important if you are sharing a bedroom.
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Ready to find a roommate?

Visit Roommate Finder to get started with creating your Roommate Finder profile.

We have a partnership with "Off-Campus Student Housing 101" to provide an extensive online rental listing and roommate matching service. This rental database allows you to tailor your search to find roommates with similar lifestyles. Click here to get started.

Another possibility to find roommates is for you to join the SRJC International Club Facebook group.  Many current international students are members of this group. You can post a message to introduce yourself and when you will be arriving at Santa Rosa Junior College. Following the club’s Facebook page also provides you an opportunity to read messages to get to know international students before you arrive. You also are welcome to ask questions of the current students. There is always someone willing to communicate with new students.